KL Cake Delivery is proud to be part of the Vanilla Mille Crepe brand that offers one of the best sweet tooth fixes in Klang Valley. The word Mille pro- nounced as “Mil” is a French word that stands for “Thousand” and thus “Mille Crepe” simply means a cake made from crepes with thousand of layers. To date, our 30-layer crepes have won hearts all over and main- tained the classic yet exquisite taste through the use of an original French recipe but homegrown in Malaysia

This sweet indulgence is made with repetition of one layer of crepe and one layer of cream assem- bles up to a cake and the ingredients of mille crepe cake were simple. It’s mainly consists of egg, milk, flour, and butter. But being able to use simple ingredients to make a good mille crepe cake has ever ever been easy.

Our brand believes that only by focus on ensuring the freshest and quality of each of the slice, it’s a true labour of love. Freshly made everyday, our target market which mostly females between age 18-45 will be able to indulge and taste the luscious flavours in every layer, realising our slogan of ‘love at first bite’.

We are the only Mille Crepe manufacturer in Malaysia that has been endorsed by France’s most reputable Elle & Vire principal and have impressed the local community with stunning flavours, gar- nering positive reviews from all over. This has gotten Food Advisor to list Vanilla as having one of the best mille crepes in town!